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You're a jewel


                   You’re a jewel baby please don’t be 


           Trust me i know arguments are going to


       Satan trying to mess up what we got so it’s 

                           going to be a duel

                     We need Yah he’s our fuel

         Be happy we apart of his twos and fews 

               All I wanted was peace and favor

             Yah gave me more and that was you

                   That favor match my flavor 

             So before you give up remember this

                              You’re a jewel

                                 I’m a jewel 

                                We’re jewels

Special message:

Judah stand up we’re jewels don’t lose your shine and don’t whine. Yah Elohim and Yahweh Ben Yahweh refining us for the better. Salute fam 1Luv Peace and Favor. 




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